Martin Luther King Jr. Biography- Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of the African-American civil rights movement. Fighting against the injustice meted out to African-Americans, he cautiously avoided violence. His ideas were based on Christian principles but for operational techniques he looked to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent movement. (Martin Luther King Jr. Bio)

His first major campaign was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Not only did it end racial segregation on the Montgomery public transportation system, but it transformed King Jr. into a national figure and a fierce spokesman for the civil rights movement. Thereafter, he led many other non-violent campaigns and gave many motivational speeches. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)

Later, he expanded the scope of his movement and started fighting for equal employment opportunity. He dreamed that one day every human being would be judged by his ability and not by the color of his skin. He died at the age of twenty-nine from a bullet shot by a white fanatic. (Martin Luther King Jr. Bio)

Childhood and Early Life

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was born Michael King Jr. on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. His father, Martin Luther King Sr., also born Michael, was a pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church and a civil rights leader in the early stages of the movement.
  • In 1934, his father attended the Fifth Baptist World Alliance Congress in Berlin and came to know about the German reformer Martin Luther. Subsequently, he changed both his names from Michael to Martin Luther.
    Michael, who was born the second of three children to his parents, had an older sister named Willie Christine King and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)
  • Martin did his schooling with Booker T. Washington High School, a separate institution for African-American students. Here he not only excelled in studies but also made a name for himself in public speaking and participated in school debates. He was also a good singer and used to participate in various choirs.
  • Yong Martin was deeply affected by the racial segregation and humiliation that accompanied it. He found the law too disrespectful for blacks to give up their seats in favor of white passengers when traveling in the public transport system, and respected his father. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)

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  • In 1944, Marin Jr. graduated from school skipping both ninth and twelfth grades and entered Morehouse College at the age of fifteen. Thereafter, he received a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1948 and entered Kroeger Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania for his theological training.
  • He then won a fellowship and joined Boston University for doctoral studies in systematic theology, completing his residency in 1953 and later his Ph.D. On 5 June 1955. (Martin Luther King Jr. Bio)

Martin Luther King Jr. Biography


  • Meanwhile in 1954, Martin Luther King Jr. joined Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, as pastor. Thereafter, he became a member of the executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and began working for their rights.
  • His first major campaign, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was conducted in 1955–56. This included a complete boycott of public buses by the black community and resulted in the dismantling of the city’s public transport system. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)
  • Then in 1957, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was established and King was elected its president, a position he held until his death. Their aim was to strengthen black churches and create a platform for nonviolent protests and civil rights reform.
  • On May 17, 1957, the SCLC organized a large non-violent demonstration which they called ‘Prayer Shrine for Freedom’. In his first national speech titled ‘Give Us the Ballot’, King called for the right to vote for blacks.
    Later, the SCLC held more than twenty mass meetings in various cities in the South with the aim of registering the area’s black voters. In addition, King also undertook lecture tours on racial issues and met with various religious and civil rights leaders. (Martin Luther King Jr. Bio)
  • While signing copies of the book in Harlem, a mentally ill black woman stabbed King in the chest. He had to undergo surgery and stay in the hospital for several weeks.
  • In 1959, King traveled to India, where he visited the home of Mahatma Gandhi. This journey had a great impact on him and he became more committed towards non-violence. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)
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Martin Luther King Jr. Biography

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    Joining this category he used the term ‘I have a’, which he was calling for an end to. He also told all his male brothers that they all had changed color. (Martin Luther King Jr. Bio)
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Awards and Achievements

  • In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent campaign against racism. He also received the President’s Medal of Freedom (1977) and the Congressional Gold Medal (2004) posthumously. (Martin Luther King Jr. Biography)
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