Head Bush Movie Review: Dhananjaya’s portrayal of MP Jayaraj in Head Bush is deeply rooted in the conventions of the ‘antihero’ cinema and the makers make no qualms in announcing that emphatically. One will likely walk out of the cinema hall not thinking of Head Bush the film or the plot, but instead the number of cigarette drags Dhananjaya took throughout its run time.
The film has recurring violence and usage of foul language, which may not be liked by all. However, if you’re a fan of commercial films, Head Bush has the right ingredients to offer – that is, if you can manage to sit through its slow first half.

Dhananjaya has had a lot of success in his career playing gangsters in films like Tagaru, Popcorn Monkey Tiger, etc. So when he was offered the role of Jayaraj in Head Bush, it was a perfect opportunity for him to showcase his vision as an artist. He believed in the project so much that he decided to produce the film as well. However, despite all the grandeur and promise of the film, it was a colossal disappointment that failed to have any impact on the audience.

Jayaraj’s entry into Indira Brigade and his attempts to take over the Bengaluru underworld are shown in the first half of the film. His name and fame only make him more enemies. The second half of the film deals with the personal rivalry between these friends-turned-foes and its political implications.

The first half of the film is slow as it tries to establish itself, but the second half does bring some balance to the film. The climax does not give that oomph factor, which makes one look forward to the sequel.

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